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What is My511DFW?

Is the My511DFW service free?

I need help with a specific My511DFW feature. Who do I contact?

How do I make a suggestion for the My511DFW system?

What is the geographic coverage area for My511DFW?

Are there other My511DFW features planned?


How many cameras can I select to be available on my personalized My511DFW home page?

Can I name my cameras anything I want?

Can I get video streams instead of camera images?

Why can't I see the traffic camera video on the "Manage Cameras" page in my browser?

Driving Times

How often is the driving time information updated?

How are the driving times calculated for each trip?

Traffic Conditions

Can I choose a name for my trip?

Can I change my trip?

Will My511DFW give me information on an alternate route for my trip?


Can I use My511DFW on the phone?

What My511DFW features are available on the phone?

Why isn't the system recognizing my number from work?

Can I save six trips for each calling region for 511DFW?


Who can register for the My511DFW service?

Why do you need my name and e-mail address for registration and is this information kept secure?

I didn't receive my confirmation e-mail to complete the registration process. What happened?

I registered for My511DFW but forgot my user ID and/or password. How do I retrieve it?

Can I opt-out of the My511DFW service and have my account information removed?

I registered for My511DFW and received my confirmation e-mail but the link isn't working. Why?


What browsers do you support?

I have a wide screen display. Why does the My511DFW system only display in 1024-pixel width?

Can I use My511DFW from any computer?

Do I have to log in every time I visit My511DFW?


I can't see the video from the traffic cameras I have selected. What's wrong?

Why doesn't the phone recognize me as a My511DFW user?

I set the "Keep me signed in" option on my computer at work, but the My511DFW service doesn't remember me when I use my home computer. What is wrong?

I saved my traffic trip but I do not see it on my home page.

Why haven't I received my confirmation e-mail, and what should I do?

Commonly Used Terms

Where can I find a list of Commonly Used Terms?