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511 DFW System Information

What is the extent of information in the 511 DFW system?

Where does the information originate?

How current is the information?

How does 511 DFW differ from the travel information on the radio and television?

How will 511 differ from 911 and 311 phone services?

What are incidents?

Can there be delays without an incident?

What if I want to know about an alternate route to avoid an incident reported on 511 DFW? How can I get this information from 511 DFW?

Why aren’t there cameras, message signs and speed information available on all roadways?

Why are electronic message signs blank most of the time?

Alerts and Electronic Notifications

What are the scrolling alerts on the 511 DFW Web site?

What is Amber Alert?


What is My511DFW?

When can I call the 511 DFW system?

How much does it cost to make a 511 DFW call?

Will I be able to call 511 DFW anywhere in the state?

How does the phone system know the location from which I am calling?

What languages does the 511 DFW system use?

Will my call be dropped if it can not be transferred to another system?

Can I use my Internet phone (Voice Over IP/VoIP) to call 511 DFW?

Does 511DFW have an 800 number option?

What if the system is busy when I call?

Why can’t I reach 511 DFW?

How can I reach 511 DFW service from outside the region?

What do I do when the system does not understand what I am saying?

How do I use the phone system if I am hearing-impaired?

How do I use the phone system if I am speech-impaired?

How accessible is the 511 DFW Web site if I am vision-impaired?

Phone Tips

Can I speak to an operator to get information?

How do I get help?

How can I navigate through the system to get the information I need more quickly?

How can I stop receiving calls from 511?

Public Transportation Information

What kinds of information can I get about public transportation in the Dallas – Fort Worth region from the 511 DFW phone system and Web site?

I’m not sure of exact street addresses. Can I still use the Transit Trip Planner?

What information will the Trip Planner give me?

I’m unfamiliar with the area. Will the Transit Trip Planner show me where the closest stop is and tell me how to get there?

How do I prevent being transferred to an agency that I don’t want?

What do I do when I need public transportation information after hours?


Who do I call to report an incident on a highway?

How can you make the 511 DFW system better?

Technical Requirements

Can I use 511 DFW from any computer?

What Web browsers work with 511 DFW?

What are cookies and why are they used by 511 DFW?

I'm a dial-up user. Can I still use the 511 DFW traffic and transit condition maps?

Web Tips

What information is shown on the Traffic and Transit Conditions Map?

How do I change the area shown on the Traffic Conditions map?

What does "Save My Map View" do?

How long does it take for an accident icon to appear on the map?

Why doesn’t an accident I saw appear on the map?

How do I make icons display faster?